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 I’m Kate, leading lady here at The Curated Now, and what you are looking at started with a spark, a single moment of inspiration. 

But lets go back to where it all began…

I went to university a little earlier than most - imagine a 16year old me: fuelled on high hopes, extraordinary dreams and chocolate covered coffee beans (the addiction started early). I was studying music, my first true love - but the dreams started to come crashing down around me not long after I walked away from the university campus for the last time.

I realised that I had lost the heart of why I did what I did.

Without the courage to make music, what was I going to use my musical nerditude for? If I’m being honest, I’m still figuring that bit out. But in the meantime, I may as well use the other skills and things I have floating around my messy-bedroom brain! My mind flits from one idea to the next (seriously, have a conversation with me, it will jump all over the place!) and it landed upon something that has always lifted my spirits: helping others.

So here I am, a creative helping other creatives in just one of the ways I know how.

I want to inspire and empower business owners, entrepreneurs, and generally passionate people, to build what they dream of - to see the gaps in communities and market places and fill them with authentic, genuine, beautifully curated brands and products.

Simple, powerful, and oh, so passionate.

Kate x