ready to make marketing magic?

Your brain is a badass.

it's time to let human behaviour do the heavy lifting

What if you could take a step back from it all? Say goodbye to the overwhelm, the constant researching, analysing, critiquing and rebuilding your processes, and instead have systems that make selling effortless, that ensure your customer receives excellence at every stage in their journey with you, and that you could turn off the lights at night not thinking about all the things you still haven't tackled... 

Not only is this possible, it's also wildly achievable IF you stop making decisions for your business based on copy and paste tactics from others, and focus on behavioural tendencies that are engrained in all of us. 

Someone out there needs what you've got, and helping them make the BEST decision (choosing you!) is about to get a whole lot easier - and WAY MORE FUN!



private coaching

Let's take on the world together! (Did we just become best friends?) 

Join me in a 3 month container where we evaluate your systems and strategies, and set you on the path for psychology-backed success!
We're going to map your program suite, plan the year, extend your client lifespan, create an effortless sales process, strategize powerful systems, optimize new or existing team, and make sure you've got everything in your arsenal for wildest dreams level profit. 

Ready to take control of your business, income, growth, and time?


- Weekly 1:1 calls
- private SLACK CHANNEL access
- Business Planning
- Resource/framework critique
- System/sales support


marketing is natural.
it's also incredibly personal.

Marketing your product/service the way that *insert name here* tells you to, will never feel easy.
Your personality, experiences and connection with what you are selling will always play an important roll in the process, strategies aside.

So consider this a no-cookie-cutter zone. You should show up for your people in a way that feels authentic and sustainable, and combined with the power of behavioural science and psychology, you''re about to become an unstoppable force!

marketing madness

A 30 day crash course on implementing behavioural psychology and consumer bias into your business. We'll audit your current system and implement fundamental strategies supported by consumer behaviour to sky-rocket your success rate.

NZD $1275+GST


A 60 minute strategy session to building psychology and consumer behaviour into a single aspect of your business. Whether its for an upcoming event, launch or just your day to day social media, we'll stack the deck so that you can maximise your time and energy while giving your audience the best experience yet!

NZD $675+GST


Simplify your



- 3x 1:1 calls
- 30 days private SLACK CHANNEL access
- Resource/framework critique
- System/sales support

- 1x 1:1 call
- private SLACK CHANNEL access for 14 days
- System/sales support



Her ability to see the big picture and fill gaps that have gone unnoticed is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced

Kate is my secret weapon - I cannot recommend her enough

 it was such a relief to hand off the marketing of our start-up to a seasoned pro who prides herself on innovation and adaptability.

Hands down the best decision I have ever made

Kate has an incredible understanding of the customer process and the psychology of sales, Working with her was a dream!

I felt so at ease partnering with her to bring my course launch to life.

the short answer is yes

This is a no-cookie-cutter zone?

Yes! Every business, product, service and experience is different, so why would I try to squeeze you into a boring box? We can discuss what this will look like for you uniquely based on the level of investment you want to make. 

I have access to you directly? 

Yes! I work with each of my clients directly and because of this I only take on a limited number of clients at a time - so don't hesitate to reach out and get your name on the waitlist!

Payment Plans are Available?

Yes! Depending on your level of investment, payment plans are available. Any questions, just ask!

You offer Done-For-You options?

Yes!  Busy business owners are often extremely time-poor - I get it! If you want me to get my boots dirty on the ground floor and get to work, I'm down - but this service is offered on an application basis only. Send me a message to see if we're the perfect match!


Join my Done For You marketing waitlist!

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